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A dream to reshape the world, a wonderful world full of fragrance of love, justice peace and equality,

A world of respect, honesty, devotion and dedication.


To architect, build, organize and promote a new fiscal culture on planet earth, especially in the 3rd world, where the humanity is existing in stories only, beside the present communism, socialism and capitalism, based financial approach, relaying on improving the life style of the superior class, instead of quality of life of all living beings.

We want to create or recreate rather, a culture of humanism in the services sector having the ability, capability and capacity to provide the ailing humanity a natural breathing space close to basic human psychological needs , justice, peace, equality and respect without prejudice to any color cast or culture, any region, religion or language, based on improving the collective quality of life instead of selective breeding of artificial quantitive approach.


To replace the present business culture of the globe especially of the 3rd world, the culture of mistrust, fraud, dishonesty, cheating ،immoral & Illegal profiteering, Unhealthy shallow status competition, with a culture of mutual respect, harmony, dedication, devotion, humbleness and humanity, which can spread smiles beyond the limits and boundaries of present artificial materialistic era of pain, inequality, injustice, peace deprived, respect less, even in the times of the Artificial Intelligence.

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Vitalclan has a compact and composed plan of providing all types of services as one widow operation, from technical services,to healthcare support to educational approach from physical fitness to sports culture,
From individuals to communities from one man craft to largest organizations ,

Services with a highest satisfaction level for both the services provider and the client,

Vitalclan is going to introduce the culture of adoption of responsibility instead the routine business approach of profiteering.

By providing the unique separate platform for every profession of the society under the one umbrella of vitalclan on the locality base, will provide the best mentoring opportunity for each and every individual of the society, which will be a great milestone to build a healthy society.

Vitalclan has a plan also to provide details of the best and affordable educational Institutions around the globe, with free guidance to member student.

Vitalclan has a plan to create separate indipandant platform for every sector of society to groom the vital societies culture,

These platforms will not only provide connectivity to professionals from each profession but will also provide mentoring opportunities to them, and will create a collective growth sense among the peoples and communities.

1. Teachers Corner.

2. Doctor Point

3. Nurses Bay.

4. Journalist Club

5. Engineers

6. Lawyers

7. Technicians

8. Business Men

9. Social Workers

10. Industrialists

11. Farmers

12. Transporters

13. Drivers

14. Fashion Craftsman (Barber, Tailor, Cobblers etc)

15. Others.

Institutional platforms

1. Educational Institutions
2. Healthcare institutes
3. Agree cultural organizations
4. Industries.
5. Manufacturers
6. Importers
7. Exporters
8. Social Work and civic organizations

Initially vitalclan is focusing the following sectors of life.

A. Social Sector,

B. Technical services

C. Healthcare Support Services

D. Educational Institutions Improvement and upgradation Services

E. Legal Support Services
(For our clients only)

F. Consultancies

G. Market studies and surveys.

H. Professional platforms for all parts of society,
(Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Engineers, Journalists, lawyers, Technicians, businessman, social workers, farmers, Drivers، transporters, importers, exporters etc)

I. Standardization plate from for all types of private sector professional organizations, institutes and professionals.
Based on international standards of certifications.

Vitalclan is a group of intellectuals who have the mission and vision to improve the quality of life as collective,
Highly motivated, educated and dedicated professionals are part of the team of vitalclan.

In management section you can find the management of vitalclan.

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