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So let’s cut away the statistical posturing about the “printing is dead” debate and get some true perspective on the use and purpose of business cards in a modern world. Research also shows the business card still are printed in mass numbers, and so there is a real audience from this small but mighty marketing tool. • In many cases, a business card is just the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.

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  • You will be surprised just how many opportunities you will have to give out cards at social as well as business events like trade shows, conferences, meetings and networking events.
  • In a business with $1 million in revenue, that’s $25,000 in additional sales.
  • Your business card can be the opportunity to make the best first impression, showcasing the quality of your work, products and service.
  • Although of these, 8 billion are thrown away within a week.
  • Know your audience.Are most of your clients in the corporate world?

By taking the time to create a personal connection with the person taking your contact details, you are cementing the possibility that they will use it to reach out to you in the near future. Business card printing is an extension of yourself and your brand. Extending your business card to others as a welcome note shows you are ready and prepared to work with them. These cards can be used for various applications, including marketing, ticketing, contactless payment, and advertising. There are several NFC card brands, and it is easy to get mixed up. In tandem with Covve Scan, Covve NFC Business Card seamlessly transform how you digitally exchange contact information.

Represents Your Brand

Do you doubt the need of getting a printed business card? Then think twice, since Bill Gates, Larry Page, and Mark Zuckerberg, all have them. They may be the revolutionaries of information technologies, but they are also people who understand the values of this small piece of low-tech marketing. A sharp and sleek business card shows that you’re a professional in your industry and you recognize the importance of establishing meaningful connections.

Is The Business Card Dead? 16 Experts Share Their Thoughts

In this way, aside from simply having a business card, you really need to have one that looks great. How do you feel liquor store south edmonton about business cards — do you still use them and see them sticking around for a long time? A business card is a physical object that a potential prospect leaves the encounter with.

If you are in international business, creating a card in dual languages makes lots of sense. Business cards are really an extension of you and your brand. They provide a way to distinguish you from your competitors, and offer an invaluable method of making a first impression on potential customers or employers. Think of business cards as small details that entice people to know more about your brand. You could even have a catchy tagline or call to action on your business card. Whenever you offer a business card, you get the attention of the person receiving it.

Calling cards were invented in China in the 15th century to announce the impending arrival of a guest. English merchants used them as miniature advertisements in the 17th century. In present-day Japan, the ritual of exchanging cards called 名刺交換 (meishi-koukan) is as strict as a tea ceremony. Rather than just a gesture of courtesy, it must be performed before any formal discussions take place. E-literature applications allow attendee prospects to select which digital product brochures and spec sheets to receive on the spot. Many also integrate with CRM and marketing automation systems to track content downloads and support lead nurturing.

That’s why we decided to help you create professional brand design and marketing assets. We developed a custom virtual creative agency that works as part of your team, with only a few clicks. It’s all about the impression you make on the people you want to do business with. The business card is an extension of you and your company and an essential part of your brand identity.

There’s a reason many salespeople dress professionally or real estate agents often drive a nice car; appearing successful and professional can help you build trust with clients. Business cards are another way to show customers that you are a business professional and that they can trust you with their business. Think of your business card as another way to market your business; when you think of them that way, the value proposition seems even better than before.

Getting Rid Of Your Business Cards? Here Are 4 Reasons To Reconsider

Creative business cards get shared — continuing to market for you. Here are five reasons why the old school business card is still important — and why you should have a pocket full of them at all times. However you hand over your information is down to you as an individual or a business. Whether or not the business card continues to be relevant, is to be seen.

Do business cards factor into your promotional strategy? If not, then it’s time to go back to basics and invest in professional or personal business cards. If business cards are misplaced, you could be throwing away a valuable customer lead or potential partner. If they are tossed in a drawer or piled on your desk, business cards become a major source of clutter.

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