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What Einstein really was was a tremendous intuitive thinker who also possessed the ability and drive to reduce his intuitions about the physical world into quantifiable proofs. Math is a language, much like music notation, developed by humans to explain the complexities of physics. It is not yet a fully developed language, and will not be until we have a full understanding of the physics of the universe; which will be never. Votana agrees and said the OPERA measurement needs to be confirmed by independent scientists. Even if the results are confirmed, we won’t toss out all of Einstein’s theory. A broader theory would be generated that would include Einstein’s theory, Votana said.

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  • JOSH once you go to college ..even some high school you will learn the importance of science..
  • That the weird implication of going backwards in time occurs because the particular geometric description of reality that we are using here, while hugely powerful and incisive, breaks down in certain situations.
  • That of course means the neutrinos came out of the ground, followed the curvature of the Earth and went back into the mountian to be timed.
  • Why the heck do you see the need to tell me an utterly trivial fact of special relativity, especially after I explicitly mentioned it in my video.
  • Georgia is one of few states with anti-speed trap laws passed in the late 1990s.

If there are Tachyons AND there is an Interface between Lorentzian Sensibilities and the Superluminal, there is without doubt a very strict Arrow of Time – reversing Superluminal parts with Sub-Luminal parts will not “reverse huitres leucate time”. Only at the shortest distances could there be such an exchange and that would not reverse time but would provide, for ex., a rationale for understanding CP violations. As we do physics we acknowledge certain mathematical structures as ideal. A tiny particle in flat space does have some tiny gravitational influence, but it is negligible. The gravity field of an electron does not do much to change the flat space ideal. The key point is that every space-like interval is backwards in time for some systems of inertial coordinates.

Basic Speed Law

In cosmology, we usually use “cosmic time,” roughly speaking the time measured in each galaxy since the Big Bang. Then “all of space right now” is everywhere that has the same cosmic time. The point with the Higgs mechanism is that it depends on the Higgs field, whereas astronomy tells us that this Higgs field does not exist. This is one of the problems of present physics which seem to be accepted by the community.

Why Does Sound Travel Faster In Less Dense Gases?

It was enacted during the oil shortages of the 1970s, and it was hoped that this law would improve safety as well as reduce fuel consumption. However, good intentions aren’t good enough, and in this case the problem was that few drivers actually obeyed the reduced speed limit. Also, the speed of light is a constant, it never varies . This collides directly with the rest of the speeds that we can see in the universe, which are always relative and depend on a series of factors. This constant has a consequence known as “time dilation,” which means that time passes more slowly for people traveling in very fast vehicles relative to those who are standing still.

Officials claim that the new speed limiters will contribute to decreasing crashes. The devices will slow down trucks and, thus, make their enormous size less of a danger. Yet, drivers claim that the new regulation will make them dangerously slower than all others on the highway. The proposal ignores the dynamics of trucks and cars that share the road, which is a much more likely cause for accidents.

Faster Than Light Travel Is Indeed Possible, Says A New Study!

So I think that this supposed problem with the vacuum instability comes from taking quantum mechanics too seriously. It’s not even hard to see what’s wrong with this argument. Imagine you have a particle that goes right to left backwards in time, what would it look like? It would look like a particle going left to right forward in time. These two descriptions are mathematically just entirely identical. A particle does not know which direction of time is forward.

Also, a timelike observer detecting light emitted from the spacelike interval in regular proper intervals witnesses the tachyon appear at a point and take off in two directions. I tried to include a link of a picture of this, which I got off Google images, and Sabine objected to that. It did turn out to be Fred Wolf’s stuff, where he has a dubious track record. What he was saying is not “an arrow of time is imcompatible with relativity” but “an arrow of time + superluminal signaling is”. An interpretation of QM+SR can be so that if lightlike particle “ecceed” the speed c, it changes into the opposite state of motion, i.e. reflection of direction AND creates a timelike event. I don’t know if it’ll help to understand the »faster-than-light-issue« but for what it’s worth, the main »understanding problem« is a real one.

If a material is more dense because its molecules are larger it will transmit sound slower. … Thus sound will travel at a slower rate in the more dense object if they have the same elastic properties. Presence of moisture in air decreases the density of air.

Hence any putative spacelike signal implies the ability to construct loops that violate causality as Einstein explained. Why the heck do you see the need to tell me an utterly trivial fact of special relativity, especially after I explicitly mentioned it in my video. Seriously, why can you not at least for a second consider that I have thought about what I am telling you.

The speed limit on most rural Interstates is 70 mph (113 km/h). Urban Interstate speed limits generally vary from 55 mph (89 km/h) to 65 mph (105 km/h). Sections of I-64 and I-68 have lower truck speed limits because of steep grades; otherwise, West Virginia does not post separate truck speed limits. The West Virginia Turnpike between Chelyan and Mahan, and I-77 between Princeton and Bluefield has a 60 mph speed limit because of sharp curves. Until 2002, Oregon state law required that all speed limit signs omit the word LIMIT from their display.

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